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Color Masterbatch

The most common method used by molders, masterbatches consist of concentrated
pigments dispersed into a polymer carrier resin - so called color masterbatch. During
molding the masterbatch is let down into natural resin as it is feed into the press at a
predefined ratio to achieve the desired color. Color masterbatch are the most
economical method to color masterbatch plastics and can be provided in small
volumes. Depending on the carrier selected, the same color masterbatch may be
used to color several different resins, or be chosen for maximum compatibility and
processing ease.


Colored masterbatch are composed of many additives to give special properties to
colored plastic beads such as: waterproof, anti-fog, anti-block, flame retardant,
antioxidant, fillers, foaming agent, optical brightener, detergent, process enhancer,
fragrance, anti-slip substances, ultraviolet absorbent and inhibitor.
Color masterbatch is applied in many field of plastic industry that create the
convenience and effectiveness for the production:
+ Film blowing, film extrusion (packaging film, elastic film, agricultural and
construction film, diaphragm, garbage bag, multi-layer bag)
+ Blowing film
+ Injection molding: home appliances, toys, garden furniture, potted plants, buckets,
boxes, electronics, barrels, boxes ...)
+ Blow molding of bottles
+ Extrusion of sheets, fibers and cables

In the variety of application and wide range of plastic product, the color chart is also
very wide, each color has many shades. To get the exact color for your product, the
best solution is to analyze the color from the sample plastic product.
MONOBATCH is confident to be a supplier of colored masterbatch with the ability to
analyze color from product samples accurately and effectively.
MONOBATCH is proud to provide customers with the highest quality color
masterbatch with outstanding physical and chemical properties suitable for use in
various plastic production technologies. With many years of experience in the
plasticization industry, and a team of highly specialized staff and engineers, modern
machinery and equipment system, high quality input materials, we are always a
trustful choice of customers and a reputable partner in the domestic and international


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