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Additive Masterbatch

Additive masterbatch manufacturing, the physical and chemical structures
of polymers may change during production and usage due to heat, UV, and
chemicals. They are protected against this change by adding heat-UV
stabilizers and additives such as antioxidants, fireproof, glass fiber, heat
stabilizer, internal and external lubricants during production. In addition to
color and preservation, the additives provide more aesthetic appearance
and a reduction of product costs.
Additive masterbatch manufacturer, prepared according to different usage
areas, have an effective power over the physical and mechanical properties
of the product. The additive used for both increasing efficiency and
obtaining an effective product in the production process determines the
basic form of the plastic obtained by offering special solution possibilities to
your masterbatch needs. Additive masterbatches manufacturer as
MONOBATCH, we work to obtain special products for the plastic and
plastic packaging industry. In this direction, we offer a wide variety of
additive masterbatch solutions and offer solutions in response to specific
requirements. Additive masterbatch determined according to the product
to be manufactured are prepared by obtaining different mixtures in order to
provide the most effective solution to your needs. Thus, the resulting
product becomes a much more useful product that meets the demands

Additive masterbatch production the contributions that we produce as
MONOBATCH are as follows:
Antigas, Optics, Antiblock, Antistatic, UV stabilizer, Processes Aid , Slip
Concentrates, Odor Scavenger, and Antifogs
Additive Masterbatch products used in PE and PP film mesh bags,
laminated bags and industrial fabrics can be produced by changing the
additive amount according to customer demand.

Antigas Additives: It absorbs moisture and gases of all polythene and
plastics occurred during the heat treatment process also provides a more
homogeneous film and gives durability to the film.

Optical Additives: Makes plastic whiter and brighter.
Antiblock Additives: It prevents the films from sticking to each other by
creating spaces in between them. Antistatic Additives: Prevents the
accumulation of static electricity on the plastic surface.
UV stabilizer: It increases the deterioration resistance of polymers both
structure and appearance-wise by the effect of UV rays.
Prosesaid: Provides surface smoothness and energy saving.
Slip Concentrates: Prevents surface slippage. Also, it allows the films to
slide over each other, thus opening smoothly.
Odor Scavenger: Provides long-lasting essence to plastic materials used
in production.
Antifog: Increases the surface energy of films. Prevents droplet formation
due to heat changes.

A number of additive products are used to make plastic products as desired
during the manufacturing phase. These products are divided into different
categories after they have undergone the necessary tests and procedures.
Thus, the form desired to be based on plastic is given by these additive
products. These products, which are in the form of granules added to the
plastic raw material, can directly change the color of the product.
Accordingly, it can be in different colors. Plastics in different forms and
colors that are desired to be obtained are only possible thanks to the
additive masterbatch. In order to get more detailed information and to get
the right service, call us immediately for the contribution masterbatch and
specify the product you want immediately.

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